Welcome to my first attempt at being a blogger.  It is very new to me, as I never really understood the concept of it before. Actually, I still don’t, but I figured I’d join the masses, and give it a shot. Hopefully, improving along the way. My plans for this blog, are to write about many different topics, that occur in my daily life.  Marriage, my Husband, kids, crafts I make, my pets, outdoor projects,  gardening, and my relationship that I am trying to build with GOD.  Basically, a little bit of everything.  I’m sure to write about birthdays, holidays, sports, TV , funny moments in time & maybe even a wee bit of politics.

Having moved from New Jersey,  over 5 years ago, to the State of Tennessee, I still consider myself, a “Jersey Girl”.  I find it strange, how growing up in the garden state, never seemed like such a big deal.  Many people, including myself,  often try to escape it.  As I am finding out, over the course of time,  NJ  is a place in which I most inevitably, long to be.

There are of course, a number of good reasons to enjoy life here in the south; the gorgeous weather,  sunshine & heat in it’s long summer months, the mild winters and lack of snow and freezing temperatures. There is also the abiding musical climate and country tone in attitude. There is always something going on. Concerts are everywhere. Downtown Nashville is the place to be, for any aspiring musician, or the music enthusiast.  The general landscape here however, is mountainous and rocky to the extreme. It is pretty ironic, that someone like me, a born and raised farm girl, (growing up in the flat lands of clay earth, rolling hills, green pastures, and an abundance  of assorted colorful flowers and trees)  would even consider moving here.

There are  numerous things one wouldn’t expect, that would  harden your idealistic visions of the southern way of life.  At least in my stubborn  thoughts. Could be, that I am finally realizing, and may be coming to grips, with the possibility, that I may be “home~sick”  Not necessarily for actual house & home, but the way life seemed to be for us all. For myself  & my family,  life in general seemed carefree, fun, active, and safe.  Since moving to TN, we have seen much devastation to community, due to weather related events. There have been physical ailments, many mood & attitude changes for the four of us. Some explained, some not.  In any event…..this is my path, how I got here, and where my road may be taking me.

I enjoy just about everything, including photography, sewing, crafting, swimming, gardening, painting and antiquing.  Future posts and photos, will reflect some of my work, however primitive, as I consider myself very simple, down to earth.  Feel free to visit often. Laugh, cry, encourage & share with me,  your thoughts and feelings on any of my topics

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