Thanksgiving 2012

The Thanksgiving weekend is wrapping up. I had a very enjoyable time on Thanksgiving day with my family. My husband, kids and I,  all shared some laughs & good times. The four of us getting together at the same time, is becoming more and more like a special occasion, and seems to come but once a month. I do believe absence makes the heart grow fonder, although I feel the need to spend as many moments together as possible with them. It is never enough. The time; whether hours or minutes,  goes quickly in the presence of enjoyment.

Everything I cooked,  turned out perfectly. No mishaps this year. Four days of feasting, from that one 20 lb. bird. On Friday, we had turkey sandwiches for lunch, and another full course hot meal for dinner. On Saturday, more sandwiches, and I made a huge vat of soup for dinner. When I finally realized I used the wrong size pot, I managed to burn myself pouring the piping hot stock from one pot to the larger one. Today, being Sunday, we are on day two of soup. I’m thinking I should freeze some for a rainy day, as I am considering pasta for Monday. Maybe even a steak or a burger, to mix things up.

I didn’t join the masses for the Black Friday event. Actually, I never do. I think it’s crazy to stand in line for hours, just to fight a stranger for some unnecessary and unneeded electronic or other item, that I wouldn’t normally spend the money on. I wish people would realize the true meaning of Christmas. Do they know WHY we celebrate Christmas? Do they really know WHO was born on this day? 

Well, Each day I wake up, when I see my family, I thank God for giving me this life. Being human, I guess, it’s normal to see pretty things and have some desires to have them for your home, or to wear. But, I, myself, have been trying so hard to get out of that mindset. I feel I am a more simple person. One who appreciates the beauty in the nature around us, and the gifts God has given us. No. Not material goods. But things that most of us take for granted day in and day out. Things like the breath we breathe. The colors we see. Music in nature out of doors. Our feet which help us reach our destinations and hands that allow us to hold another person or an object. All of this reminds me, of a prayer I wrote in 2009 for my Thanksgiving dinner. I will end my post with that. Enjoy your family, and enjoy the life God has given you. Peace ❤


Dear God,

I am so very Thankful for My family. My dear Husband~my very best friend and love of my life. My 2 Children, who I am most proud of & to be givin the opportunity to be their Mother. They are the very best of me and Wal. I am Thankful for my Mother. I’m thankful for all those who have come and gone, or remained a constant in my life. Each one has touched my life in one way or another and molded me, into the person I am today.
I am thankful for my eyes to see the beauty in everything that life has to offer. I am thankful for my pets, as they give me such comfort and joy. I’m thankful for my arms; so that I may hug those who mean the most to me & to be hugged! I am thankful for my feet to carry my (sometimes aching) body wherever I choose to go. I am thankful for My ears to hear, and my heart to know Love.
I am so very thankful for God for pulling me thru my darkest hrs and believing in me and giving me more chances than I deserve.
God Bless everyone ~ may you all get to be (either in spirit or in person), with the ones you love, and value each and every moment while you can, and have a very Happy Thanksgiving. ❤
written by Pam, Thanksgiving 2009

One thought on “Thanksgiving 2012

  1. Hi Again Pam, As I was reading this post I chuckled over the Black Friday comments because that is exactly how I’ve felt for many years. I tried on a couple of occasions, when my sons were younger, to do the Black Friday thing but even though I wasn’t the one driving to our destinations the crazed nonsense inside the stores was enough to give me panic attacks. This caused me to develop a strategy of waiting until the last minute with a list in hand (minus any craze-worthy toys, they’d just have to wait). This worked very well for me since I wasn’t looking for the most popular toys/games I was able to obtain what I was shopping for in the wee hours of the morning and it was a good experience.

    The other thing that’s disturbed me over the past few years is how many retailers are opening on Thanksgiving with no concern for their employess and their families. I find myself longing for simpler times when stores weren’t open on Sundays and major holidays.

    As far as the meaning of Christmas, I think that was lost when we became such a materialistic society. Last year since it was my grandson’s first Christmas I was so excited to find on Amazon the Little Golden Book (A Christmas Story). I had one when I was a child and I would read it every Christmas Eve and I’m happy to start that tradition with my grandson.

    The prayer gets to the heart of just about everything we should be thankful for, love it!!

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