There’s a Nip in the air!

While giving my pooch his morning walk, I could smell the drying leaves wafting through the brisk cool air. Ahhh, they smell so good. I close my eyes, and deeply breathe it all in. As I look again, I see a leaf or two barely clinging to life, desperately hanging on, in the tall, masculine timbers.  Somehow, the trees look taller without all their leaves.,  almost reaching the clouds.  For their ceiling is no more.  New life will come again, but first, starting today at least, we must all prepare to go through our winter. 

Here in Tennessee, it is a cool 48*. A wee bit cloudy, no sun in sight.  Today, I am not a happy camper. Cold air, gloomy wintery like days, chance of rain…..nope. Not my cup of tea. It is the makings of a good photo op however! I love my rustic, beaten down, broken farm implements on our property. So, I thought I would share!  Have a nice day ya’ll!


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