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Lost a good friend, and family member. Very sad day.

For Jakey.

I look down, to the end of the yard. To the cage with the open gate.
The place, which the past few months, became your home, and the home you’d grow to hate.
It wasn’t such a bad place, you had four walls, a roof and floor. You no longer were able to come and go, like there were, a revolving door.
You had to stay, in at night, and through the long hot days.
Though you didn’t put up a fuss, because you knew, it was to keep you safe.
Your yard kept you fenced in, for your safety of course. But you no longer had a pond to swim, and you couldn’t chase, the neighbors horse.
Your arthritis made you achy, and your face, it looked so sad.
We often felt so helpless, but we gave you, the love we had.
I hope you felt it, in your heart, and now know upon your soul. That you really were a good boy, and we really loved you so.
A life you lived of freedom, you always came and went. But in your final days of living, you were told that “you can’t”.
You can’t go for long walks any more, your achy bones will not allow.
You can’t roam in to the neighbors fields, to lay near the stinky cow.
You can’t run, chasing floating leaves. Can’t pick up foot long sticks.
You can’t drag around your stuffed toys, can’t set them on the bricks.
You can’t climb the steps, up to the porch, can’t lay on our front door mat.
You can’t run off in to the woods no more, and can no longer befriend the cats.
No, all these things we watched you do, for the past many years. We often yelled, and called you home, but now you’re no longer here.
I look down to the end of the yard, to the cage with the open gate.
It’s empty now. I don’t see you there. It’s the empty cage, I’ll grow to hate.
I already miss my friend. My “Ja puppy”. My “Jake”.   May you rest in peace with the angels, and may you ache no more. I Love You.
January 16, 2000- July 11, 2013

January 16, 2000- July 11, 2013

January 16, 2000- July 11, 2013