26 Years. Our Wedding Anniversary.

26 Years.
Our Wedding Anniversary.

My Husband and I celebrated another anniversary. I can’t believe a whole year has past us by. Time really does fly when you are having fun. We enjoyed each others company out in my “La Vie En Rose” cottage.  I put on a delicious dinner (if I must say so myself 🙂 )

It started out with a nice cold bottle of White Moscato wine,  cheese and crackers. I had the old radio playing, favorite music including  Louis Armstrong’s version of …”La Vie En Rose”

We enjoyed a nice tossed salad and more wine.

Next, I brought out homemade Lasagna and a hot loaf of  Italian bread.

We shared a nice intimate dance to….you guessed it…”La Vie en Rose”  (the Italian Mantovani version)  Somewhere along the way, we played our wedding song. “Always” (by Climax)

For dessert, we both had hot tea, he had cheesecake, and I had a white frosted cake.

Candle burning, fresh roses from my garden, and the best company in the world……each other.

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