About Me

Hi. Welcome to my Blog. I’m Pam,   (aka Countrypkin). A former Jersey girl gone south to Tennessee.  I’m married to an intelligent hardworking, patient husband, who also happens to be my best friend. I’m a mom to two of the most musically talented, willfully determined, and creative young men.
I am a collector of old things.  I Love the country, and everything from yesteryear.  If it’s rusted, ripped, tattered or torn, faded, dented, used & worn; then it’s for me.  I Love displaying previously loved and used items in my home and garden.  I enjoy crafting, sewing, antiquing, and photography. I also love going to the movies, (comedies) and if I am not interested in the movie I can get some of my best sleep in the theater, after a big tub of insanely buttered & salted popcorn of course!!

Disclaimer: I am a product tester, and therefore receive complimentary items for Free for testing & review purposes. I do not receive payment to do a product review. If ever I were to receive payment, I will clearly acknowledge that in my posts. Free product &/or payment will NEVER influence my review. I will write about products that I love and am passionate about. I’ll also write about products that I don’t like and give you the reasons why. I will always give an honest, accurate opinion of products tested and reviewed.
I have been product testing for many years, but have just recently started blogging, so please bear with me, as I make my adjustments, and learn my way around the technical aspect of it all.
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