Aches & pains “when” is the right time to go to the hospital?

We all go through it.  One day we find our self waking up, having aches and pains everywhere.  From a stiff neck, (that simply could mean you may have cricked your neck or slept in a awkward position), to a incredibly sore back, (which might lead to a suggestive “replacement” of your bed mattress). No matter how bad your pain seems, it often feels like a waste of time, effort, and money to go to your family physician to get a check-up, only to be told to just “wait and see”.
The one pain that seems to frequently alarm us however, is the one that involves the heart. Any flutter, tension, cramp or mysterious feeling in the frontal chest region, always makes one stop and think of all the possibilities. What did you have to eat the night before……maybe you have indigestion. Did you pull a muscle? Maybe it was the lifting of that heavy box over your head yesterday, when you were cleaning the garage? Perhaps you raked the yard of it’s leaves just a little too much and over worked yourself.  You think you might want to take it easy today, and put off the housecleaning.

Not oddly enough, other feelings may enter your mind. Slowly you begin to feel your chest, as if to massage the pain away. Maybe even assume that if you found a lump, a bruise, or discoloration; it might solve your dilemma. Something, anything, may just as well be better than the thought or assumption that it may just as well be your heart. When we think of the heart, and problems with it, it seems like an end all or a final blow. At least, that is how I feel.
After you ponder for a while, before climbing out of bed, you try to think of many different “happy thoughts” that will ease the pain you may be imagining you’re having. You putter through your morning. Enjoy a cup of tea, maybe some toast or a good breakfast with all the fixins. Your pain is still there.  Not getting any worse at this point, you continue about your morning routine. Getting showered, dressed etc.

Now, before I go any further, I must say this. Far too many people like myself, take the “wait and see” approach. Be smart. Do NOT do that. If you have any of the symptoms I have had and will continue to explain…..GO to the doctor immediately.  What I did was wrong. What I did, was stupid. By not going to the emergency room right away, I very well could have endangered my life. Be smarter than me!

That being said,  it all happened to me, this past week. I headed out the door to Continue reading