Whoa, that’s one giant piece of Lint!

Well, not Lint, as in  fuzz, but rather “Lindt” as in the Chocolate made by Lindor.  My dear Hubby brought this home to surprise me! He knows I Looooove these candies. The milk chocolate inside is so soft and creamy. Literally the best Chocolate I’ve ever tasted!

The giant candy, is actually a candy dish, and inside there are about 40 Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffle Balls. enough to share…..(if you must 😉 !

Giant Lindt  Ball


Hydrate your skin with Kroger Body Wash

      Kroger Hydrate Shea Butter Body Wash rates right up there with Olay, at half the cost. I was surprised. After using Kroger Hydrate in the shower for a few weeks, I read the label and found that it contained no soap. I felt clean, soft, and smooth and my skin had the pleasing scent of Shea butter. I Love it when my husband complements me after hugging me, that I smell good! He always follows his comment up with “Mmmmm” and when he asks what I am wearing, I tell him it’s just my body wash.

Although I have used Olay Moisture body wash in the past, it is not my usual brand.  Kroger Hydrate Shea Butter Body Wash is identical to the name brand Olay, but, it’s 24 ounce pump bottle is about half the cost, making it very economical.  In today’s high cost living, thrift doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality.  With Kroger you no longer have to pay more to get the same results. Their Hydrate body wash lathers into a bubbly, fresh scented cleanser. It didn’t dry my skin at all.   I #GotItFree as a BzzAgent @Kroger.

Hydrate Shea Butter Body Wash at Kroger

Hydrate Shea Butter Body Wash at Kroger

Kroger Cocoa Butter Lotion takes me to the beach!

Oh beauty isle, here I come! I headed straight for my local @Kroger a few days after getting home from a recent Florida trip. It rained while I was there, and I wasn’t able to enjoy the beach or outdoors like we had planned.

When I got to the Kroger beauty care isle, I searched for the scent that captured what I was missing on my trip to the beach. Cocoa butter! Kroger’s version, I #GotItFree  in Cocoa Butter is Ah-maze-ing!!!!! (compares equally to Vaseline brand lotion)

I love this stuff. The smell just took me to my towel on the beach. I closed my eyes and I was transported to my sandy spot alongside the ocean where seagulls gracefully fly overhead. Where waves splash against the surf and sand. Kroger Cocoa Butter Lotion took me there, and takes me there every single time I rub it into my skin. It glides on smooth as silk. It’s not heavily perfumed; it’s just the right amount. The lotion is not too thick- it doesn’t weigh you down or feel sticky. There’s no greasy feel either. And, did I mention the scent?

The price is almost half off top name brand lotions. Kroger Cocoa Butter skin care lotion makes S”cents” to me~It’s a keeper!

Kroger Cocoa Butter has me dreamin of the beach!

Kroger Cocoa Butter has me dreamin of the beach!

Buzz(agent) & Beyond to the rescue!

I joined the Bzz campaign for PURINA BEYOND NATURAL PET FOODS and recieved my package on June 28th.  With much anticipation, my furry canine “Blue” shared in the excitement, when I retrieved my package at the mailbox from BzzAgent. I wish I could have a twenty-four hour surveillance on this little guy, because I don’t think anyone would believe his antics as they are told.

So, with Blues’ tail a waggin, I hurried & opened the brown corrugated box to see what would be revealed inside. A generous 3 LB package sample of Purina Beyond, “Adventure” (Grain Free ~ Tuna & Egg Recipe) Natural Dog food, and two $3 money savings coupons.

Since it was late in the day, Blue had already eaten, so reluctantly, he had to wait until the following day to start the switch to Beyond. I began to slowly transition him to his new food, although, judging by his reaction, it will not be an issue. He gobbled his poultry and tuna up without hesitation. I gave him one kibble as a treat, and to let him know what was going into his bowl. Then, he started jumping up and down while I filled his bowl on my counter top.

As I read the package label, I am pleased that Beyond is thinking of the good health of my pet (and yours). Knowing that they use NO artificial flavors, NO artificial colors OR Preservatives in their dog food, makes me feel confident about feeding Beyond to my special family member…and better too, knowing that it is All Natural and Grain free. Bluey has so far made it several days without any severe issues. (No diarrhea, but does have some stinky gas….I am hoping that will subside). He remains excited as of yet to his feeding times!


Let the taste take your dog to infinity....and Beyond.

Let the taste take your dog to infinity….and Beyond.

Kroger Home Sense

Home Sense Testing and Evaluation October

I recently had the opportunity, as a BzzAgent, to try some great cleaning products that are offered from Kroger (stores). The Home Sense line I tried, included Paper Towels,  Disinfecting wipes (for counter tops etc), Laundry detergent, Room Freshening Spray, and Dryer Sheets. I received FREE product coupons to try the mentioned products to evaluate and give my honest opinion. I also received extra cents off coupons to share with friends and family.

First up, and first used, was the Home Sense Extra soft paper towels. I absolutely loved these towels, and have purchased them since trying them for evaluation! These things are super thick, super soft, and very strong. I was able to rinse and reuse several times before it began to come apart. These are by far the best paper towels I have ever used, even better than the big “name brands” and way cheaper!  ***** 5 stars Definitely Recommend.

The Advanced Clean Laundry Detergent (in Island Nectar) came in a 50 oz. bottle. On sale at $3.99, this would be a great value. However, the regular price of $5.85 would not entice me to purchase. I liked the scent when the clothes were washed, very clean, fresh smell. In the bottle it didn’t attract me. If purely judging on the scent from bottle, I would have passed. My clothes barely get dirty, and I don’t have any young children with muddied clothes to determine whether or not it gets stains out. Over all,  at the sale price, I would grab this one! *** 3 stars Somewhat recommend.

Home Sense Island Nectar Fabric Sheets are a good bargain at $2.49 for 80 sheets. The scent smells pretty, and lingers on freshly dried clothes. I find these to be well  competitive with the name brands.  No static cling from the use of these dryer sheets! ***** 5 stars Definitely Recommend.

When using the Home Sense Lemon scented Disinfecting wipes on my counter tops & stove etc., they dried out almost immediately. The scent was wonderful. When you first “struggle” to get the wipe from the container, it feels soaked, however, within 2 passes on the counter, it dries up fast. I was not impressed.  The original price for these bring in $4.49 for an average sized wipe. These however,  rate as well as those sold at “Everything for a Dollar” stores. I would not purchase these on my future shopping trips.  * 1 star. Would NOT Recommend.

I used a well known Fabric Refresher almost daily, and the Home Sense Fabric Refresher is a great value at $2.49. The Lavender scent I chose, was light and not overwhelming.  I thought it to be a dainty flowery scent.  Although I would still reach for my “Brand name” spray, because I prefer the scent which lasts longer, I would most likely get this one….as a back up, if mine were not available!  ***** 5 stars Definitely Recommend!

I am a Loyal shopper to the brands I trust. The Kroger Home Sense line of products are, all in all a great value. Anyone on a tight budget would appreciate the quality of this brand equally as well or with higher quality, than other no name products, and, some of the products are equivalent to the quality of top name brands.  My recommendations stand as stated!

 Share your opinion & get free products to try and keep.  I signed up for this campaign with 








Vitameatavegamin VEGGIE BURGER!!!

I recently had the opportunity, as a BzzAgent, to try my first Veggie burger

from MorningStar Farms®.
I truly enjoyed my Grillers California Turk’y burger with avocados(another first for me) & tomatoes.

On a Kaiser roll with the California Turk’y Burger, I added lettuce and tomato slices and it tasted so delicious. I paired it with Garlic mashed potatoes, Orange & Apple slices. An all around healthy meal!

Meatless Monday

Morningstar Meatless Mondays Turkey burger

Here it is! I went Vegan for at least a day. Since I am not much for red meats, this wasn’t too hard for me. However, I am a very picky person. I was gung ho when I signed up for this campaign with and when I received the coupon packet in the mail, I started to get a little leary of actually “trying” it myself. I figured, well, maybe, just maybe, I can let my family experiment with it, and give me “their” feedback.

I headed to the store, and searched the isles for the frozen section that carried Morningstar Farms products. Hmmm. Oh no. I am getting nervous now. Darn, girl. You can do this, I said to myself. Just pick out something with turkey or chicken in it. That’s all I eat anyways. So, I grabbed a box of Grillin California Turk’y Burgers. I headed to the produce department, and nabbed a head of lettuce and a couple of juicy ripe tomatoes. Also picked up a few fruits while I was there!

In the kitchen, I popped the Grillen California Turk’y Burgers in the oven (real simple), and decided to make some Garlic mashed potatoes as our side dish. I also sliced  up Granny Smith Apples and some sweet California bright Oranges.  I prepared the dinner plates for the family, (while contemplating ravioli for myself…….Nahhhhhh) I made up a plate for myself. I thought to myself. Grin and bare it kid! Suck it up. Be strong. Be brave. Be…..adventurous.


I took a much hesitant, but rather large bite of this Turk’y burger on the huge Kaiser roll. Which, I might add….I do NOT like those big buns!  I was (no lie), Astounded, by how much I liked it. Before my shocked husband could ask me how I liked it, I took a second bite. Just to be sure I wasn’t tricked.  WoW. I really like this. I never, ever, ever would have tried this on my own. (Had I not had a free coupon and a obligation to Bzz about it 😉 I really, in all honesty, can not believe I liked it. It tastes great. Not at all what I was expecting.

On the somewhat dark side……..

I thought the patty was flat. Skinny. Lacking at first glance. My only gripe!

I expected it to taste like most “healthy” foods do…….like cardboard.

How on earth could this measly little piece of meat, deliver a satisfied meal?

Well, it did. Between the Huge bun, the lettuce, tomato, apples and orange slices and the garlic mashed potatoes……I was stuffed. After all….it was initially meant to be a “Healthy” meal. I think I did pretty good at trying something new, and keeping it a little on the lighter side.

So. Will I purchase another box of MorningStar Farms® ?

You Betcha!

I am a BzzAgent, and am given FREE products or coupons for products, to try, in exchange for an honest opinion on them.