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Whoa, that’s one giant piece of Lint!

Well, not Lint, as in  fuzz, but rather “Lindt” as in the Chocolate made by Lindor.  My dear Hubby brought this home to surprise me! He knows I Looooove these candies. The milk chocolate inside is so soft and creamy. Literally the best Chocolate I’ve ever tasted!

The giant candy, is actually a candy dish, and inside there are about 40 Lindt Milk Chocolate Truffle Balls. enough to share…..(if you must 😉 !

Giant Lindt  Ball





Pick Your Treat Tree – Find a craggy old branch or pick up some curling willow from your local craft store. Spray-paint your “tree” black and secure it inside a festive planter or pail with florist’s foam. (We hid our foam with shredded black tissue paper, but you could also use dried moss or candy corn.)

To make ghosts, fill white handkerchiefs with small candies and then tie a bow at the neck with yarn, and create faces with fabric paint or a marker.

Our pumpkins are pieces of orange tissue filled with candy, but you can also use orange plastic wrap. Tie them closed with curling ribbon and create the pumpkin faces with a marker.


Credit & Courtesy of: National Home Gardening Club